Committed to Improving and Saving Lives through Innovation and Excellence

Synergia Medical is a creative start-up specialised in the development and commercialisation of new generation medical devices.

The company is developing active implantable medical devices and biosensors for the treatment of neurological disorders and patient monitoring.


Synergia Medical has an extended know-how in the design and development of medical devices including the very specific field of active implantable devices. The company is currently developing products in two areas.

Next Generation Implants

Neurostimulators are small implantable devices that generate electrical impulses on nerves or brain tissues, sent through electrode wires to replace, modulate or modify central and peripheral nervous system functions.

Synergia Medical is developing the new generation of implants, with improved stimulation efficiency and safety, MRI compatibility, and lower power consumption.

Non Invasive Vital Signs Monitor

Patient monitoring relies on electrodes to observe respiration, heart pulse, and other vital signs.

Synergia Medical develops contact-free, optical-based, device to otherwise monitor vital signs without any physical contact with the patient.


Synergia Medical is the combination of years of experience
from creative scientists and engineers.


Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the conception, prototyping and development of medical electronics, medical devices and systems.

Technical Expertise

  • Design of implantable medical devices and neurostimulators
  • Design of embedded electronics and software
  • Design of wireless power and data inductive transmission links
  • Design of wireless radio links for implantable devices such as MICS band standard
  • Application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) conception and design

Regulatory Affairs

  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory affairs for medical devices development (among others ISO13485, IEC62304, EN45502)

Project Management

  • Industrial project management
  • Research & Development project management
  • National and international levels multi-partners project management and coordination

Business Development

  • Marketing & Communication strategy
  • International distribution network


Employment Opportunities

The company is currently looking for research & development engineers to be part of a new start-up adventure and help develop and expand our activities. The company is currently focusing on two research & development projects: novel contact-free biosensors to prevent sudden death for newborn babies and a new generation of active implantable neurostimulators:

  • R&D Electronics Engineer
    [position closed]
  • Two R&D Biomedical Engineer
    [position closed]

Internships & Master's Thesis

We invest a lot of time, care and resources into our internships. We regularly offer opportunities for students to gain insight in the technical and experimental design of our devices.

  • R&D Electronics Students
  • R&D Engineer in Electronics
  • R&D Biomedical Students
  • Design of Medical Devices

Meet The Team

Two entrepreneurs minds brought together their complementary skills for the creation of a new startup adventure.


Pascal Doguet

Founder & CTO

Pascal Doguet holds a PhD in electronics from the UCLouvain. During his thesis, he was involved in the development of a visual prosthesis, more designing the prosthesis electronics and application specific integrated circuits. He has expertise in electronics, custom integrated circuit design, software and firmware development, materials for implants and knowledge of quality control and regulatory affairs. He previously worked at Neurotech as Chief Technology Officer, in charge of the R&D department and responsible for the development of the ADNS-300 vagus nerve stimulator and other industrial projects involving implants for Deep Brain Stimulation and Sleep Apnea that he entirely designed. Multilingual and driven by challenges, he also has extensive experience in coordinating research projects at national and international levels.

Attila Borbath

Founder & CEO

Attila Borbath’s M.Sc. in Business Administration and Engineering from the UCLouvain followed by the CEMS Master’s in International Management more naturally brought him to pave his professional way in a large financial corporation for 10 years. In parallel, he obtained his Airline Transport Pilot License, before being convinced by the idea of joining a first startup at its creation, Guru Training Systems, an innovative technology company. He worked on the project since the beginning and had the role of VP Sales & Marketing. Well-travelled, multilingual and energetic, Attila has developed remarkable management, entrepreneurial, marketing and business development skills.


Alexandra Collard

MD Neurosurgery

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1995, Doctor Alexandra Collard obtained her specialization in neurosurgery in 2001. more After completing her training with Doctor Christian Raftopoulos in the Neurosurgery Service of the Academic Hospital of Saint Luc, she mainly practiced functional neurosurgery (movements disorders surgery, Deep Brain Stimulation, epilepsy surgery, chronic pain surgery) until 2006. After reorientation for personal reasons, she has been working at the CHIREC in the Digestive Surgery Service since 2008.

Jean Delbeke

Professor Neuropsychiatry and Neurophysiology

Prof Dr Jean Delbeke holds an MD degree from the UCLouvain, and specialised in neuropsychiatry and neurophysiology. more He started a clinical neurological practice while taking a complementary degree in biomedical engineering. After a PhD in Medical Sciences, his interest turned towards neural interfaces and implantable electrodes. At the UCLouvain, he participates in several international research projects on visual prostheses. He coordinated European projects about implantable electrodes. In the engineering department, he teached on ‘bioinstrumentation’ and ‘artificial organs and rehabilitation’. Although recently retired, Jean is still an active consultant with strong links in the research community and is an expert for the European Commission.

Pierre Mareschal

Physics & Computer Sciences

Pierre is a nuclear physicist from UCLouvain turned into a computer software engineer. more His scientific curiosity constantly keeps him looking for new domains to explore and his creativity for new design to realize. They both led him naturally join Synergia Medical at early stage for its promises of novel medical devices. During his last job, where he met Attila, he had an interface role between technology, computer software, and all scientific aspects from motion capture, to biomechanics, to the psychology of learning movements. Previous work includes extensive experience with the largest database software company, Oracle, where he delivered advanced technical consulting in core database technologies such as system architecture, performance tuning, high-availability systems, and the very first developments for world-wide-web use.

Antoine Nonclercq

Electrical Engineering

Antoine Nonclercq holds a M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Université Libre de Bruxelles  more, (ULB) a M.Sc. degree in Control and Electrical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a Ph.D. in Applied Sciences from the ULB. He previously worked as a researcher at the Implanted Devices Group - University College London, United Kingdom and as a development engineer in a medtech company. He is now associate professor at Polytechnic school of Brussels (ULB). His research interests include active implantable devices, electrostimulation, physiological modeling and biomedical signal monitoring and processing.

Growing Team

The team is regularly expanding.

Aurélie, Marie, Carmen, Benoît, Gregory, and Yohan have joined Synergia Medical.

Our Skills

Biomedical Engineering
Business Development
Medical Procedures & Certifications

Our History

January: Founders meet.

June: Biowin Project Labelisation.

September: Company created.

March: First round of private funding.

May: Public funding awarded. Vitalsyn project started.

June: Final selection at Walloon incubator for engineering sciences.

September: First employees. Optistart project started.

January: First patent filed. Vitalsyn prototype working.


Neurostimulation is a therapeutic activation of part of the nervous system. Neurostimulation technology improves the life quality of those who are severely paralyzed or suffering from profound losses to various sense organs.
Patients who require neurostimulators often need periodic control of their health to adjust their therapy. This is performed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, MRI devices neither permit the presence of ferro-magnetic metals, nor metallic wires that form "loops". Designing a neurostimulator that permit MRI imaging will allow doctors to better monitor those patients through powerful imaging techniques, not available with traditional neurostimulators.
Contactless monitors do no need to be placed on patients, do not have wire connected to a central unit. They are not invasive. They do not alter the patient's life. They just need to be present in the room and they monitor a patient vital signs such as breathing and heart rate. Wires can break, get loose, and injure the patient.

Latest News

Small bits of our company life.
Come and visit often.

Synergia Attends SPIE Photonics West Conference

Synergia Medical participated to the big SPIE Photonics West annual event in San Francisco. We took this one week opportunity to gather extensive knowledge in biomedical optics and settle several industrial contacts for our future developments.

Team of Eight

Yohan joined the team. He's behind the camera.

ISO 13485 Certification

Synergia Medical received its ISO 13485 Certification at the begining of the summer.

First Customer Delivered

In early September, Synergia Medical will deliver its first prototype to its first customer.

Team of Seven

The team has expanded. Welcome to our 3 new employees, Carmen, Benoît and Gregory!

Get in Touch

We will be glad to welcome you there at any time.

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